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Coaches and Team Managers Guidelines

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Coaches and Team Managers Guidelines

These guidelines have been set out to support all coaches and team managers and help them run their respective teams in line with the policies agreed by Percy Park Rugby Club.

List of Key Officials and contact numbers

Chair of Mini / Midi - Al Macdonald       0191 2913611 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Chair of Youth – Lee Weatherley           0191 2663262 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Safeguarding Officer – Kevin Dale       0191 2516595 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Club Steward – Brian Scorer                 0191 2575710 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Contact Details

The address of the club is:
Percy Park RFC
Preston Avenue
North Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE30 2BE
Telephone – 0191 2575710
Senior Web address –

Junior Web address –

Mini’s Web address -

Age Group Coaches

The club policy is that each age group should have up to five coaches, one of these being the head coach who has overall responsibility for all coaching of their respective age group. The club provides coaches jackets for these individuals. (Any additional coaches will have to purchase their own jackets.) The head coach is responsible for ensuring that anyone involved with coaching their team has a current CRB.

Team Managers

An age group may have a team manager who runs the administrative side of the age group. Because this person will have access to children’s personal details then they must have a current CRB

Child Safeguarding Officer

The club has a designated Child Safeguarding Officer who is responsible for all child welfare issues within the club. Anyone requiring a CRB should contact this officer. Should there be any concerns at all with the welfare of any player then this should initially be brought to the attention of the Safeguarding Officer.

Training / Matches

Training sessions for U7 to U12 age groups will be held on Sundays starting around 10am. The length of the training session will vary dependant on the age group:-

Under 7 and Under 8: 60 minutes max

Under 9 and Under 10: 90 minutes max

Under 11 and Under 12: 120 minutes max

Matches are normally played on a Sunday in line with the agreed fixture list which is set at the beginning of the season. Throughout the season the Sundays are a mixture of training sessions and friendly home and away games.

The U13 to u16 age groups train during the week. (Monday – Thursday) Space for training is at a premium therefore coaches need to get agreement from the Chair of Youth if they want to change the training night.

The games are played on a home and away basis every Sunday.

For all matches it is the responsibility of the home age group to provide a referee, put out flags and post protectors(where appropriate) and clear them away after the end of the game.

Training Kit

At the beginning of the season each age group will receive new balls. If at any time you need other kit such as cones and first aid kit then contact the relevant chair for your age group.

There is a locked container in which all the tackle shields are kept. Each age group should have a key for this container. It is the responsibility of the coaches to ensure all kit used during the session / match is returned to the container and put away tidily.

Playing Kit

The club currently has an agreement with Zoo Sports to purchase all strips through them. For details on how to order kit you should go to the shop webpage, and follow the instructions. These vary dependant on whether you are buying single items or full team strips. Do not go off and purchase non approved items without first speaking to your relevant chair. If in doubt then ask.


The club has a kitchen which provides hot food and drink during and after training and matches. This is a source of revenue to the club so it is important you make all parents and players aware and actively encourage them to use the facilities. After matches there is food provided free for all players. For home games it is the responsibility of the head coach to inform the kitchen in the week leading up to the match that the game is on and the expected numbers. This can be done by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The club uses five pitches for both training and matches. Three of these pitches are the clubs and the other two belong to Kings school. Whenever we use the Kings pitches we have to pay for them. The youngest age groups (U6,7and 8 play across the road from the club on King Edwards School pitches. The remainder of the mini / midi teams train and play on Kings A and B pitches. The Second and Third team pitches are used by the Junior age groups. The junior teams have their fixtures organised so that only two Junior teams are at home at any one time. The only time this may not happen is on County Cup weekends. Any potential clashes should be brought to the attention of the chairs as soon as possible.

The diagram below explains the layout of the pitches.



Changing Rooms

The club has 6 changing rooms located in the clubhouse. If used then it is the responsibility of the coaches to ensure they are left in a tidy state after a match.

Club Discipline

We are one of the fortunate clubs who are able to field a team at every age group so at any one time we can have over 300 players involved in training and playing. Maintaining control is a challenge and it is important that all the players are made aware of their responsibility as representatives of Percy Park. Coaches are there to coach and not to administer discipline so any issues should be raised with the respective parents to resolve. More serious issues need to be brought to the attention of the relevant chair. The escalation route for any issues is:



Coaching Courses

All coaches should be at least a Level 1 coach. To qualify you will have to attend a Ready for Rugby course followed by a Level 1 coaching course. Both these courses have a cost attached but you will be reimbursed this if you complete the courses. Further development is available to gain further coaching qualifications. Additional to this there are development sessions and referee courses available.


The club takes Children’s welfare extremely seriously and it is the responsibility of all adults, both coaches and parents that all decisions are taken with the child’s welfare at the centre. The link below takes you to the RFU Safeguarding Children Policy


Playing Up / Playing Down

The rules for players playing up or down have been changed this year and are set out in Regulation 15 which can be found on the RFU website:

In the event of any coach /manager wishing to play up someone from a year younger age group must follow the procedures set out below:

  • · The coach of the younger person must complete a written assessment as to the person’s ability and suitability to play up an age group.
  • · The coach of the older age team must also complete a written assessment of the younger player’s suitability to play up an age group.
  • · The Club Coaching Co-ordinator must indicate in writing his/her agreement.
  • · There must be written parental consent that they agree to the younger person “playing up”.
  • · The Club Safeguarding Officer must be informed and copied in to all documents.
  • · The above documentation needs to be seen by the NRU Hon Secretary and his/her signed authorisation for the younger player to “play up” must be obtained before playing.

In the event of any coach/manager of any Youth team wishing to play down someone from a year older age group the following procedures must be followed:

  • · No person may play down an age group unless they meet the criteria as laid down in RFU Regulation 15.4.2/15.4.3/15.4.4
  • · At least 48 hours notice must be given t the coach/manager of the opposition of any “playing down” player(s)
  • · All appropriate documentation relating to “playing down” as stipulated under Regulation 15 must be forwarded to the NRU Hon Secretary at the County office at least 48 hours before playing.

Failure to follow these procedures will compromise the Club’s insurance cover.

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